Volcanic Production/ Lava Composition

Volcanic eruptions produce many products out of which the following are very important;

(1). Tuff: Rocks comprising of fine ash.

(2). Agglomerates: Rocks consisting of pieces larger than 20 mm.

(3). Volcanic Bombs: Rock pieces with a diameter of more than 32 mm.

(4). Cinders: Fragments with diameter between 4 mm -32 mm. These are also known as Lapilli.

(5). Ash: Size of particles between 0.25 to 4 mm.

(6). Fine Ash: Particles with a diameter of less than 0.25 mm are known as fine ash.

(7). Spilitic Lava: It is soda-rich lava.

(8). Pumice (Scoria): Solidified spongy lava.

(9). Nuee Ardente: Cloud of volcanic ash and gas.

(10). Steam: It forms 90% of volcanic gases.

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