Types of fish

There are four major types of fish.

  1. Pelagic Fish
  2. Demersal Fish
  3. Anadromous Fish
  4. Freshwater Fish

(1). Pelagic Fish:

This kind of fish is found in surface water. These comprise of herrings, tuna, meckerel and anchovies. The Pelagic fish accounts for 30 percent of the total fish haul of the world.

(2). Anadromous Fish:

These types of fish keep on migrating from one place to another. Sometimes these cross over from the seas to coastal rivers. The Anadromous fish include salmon in large proportion.

(3). Freshwater Fish:

This type of fish are found in lakes, rivers, steams, and ponds. Freshwater fish also provide food to millions of people in the world.


(4). Demersal Fish:

Demersal Fish is found at a depth of 200 meters in the sea and accounts for 20% of the total. It includes cod, sole and halibut.

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