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Sedimentary Rocks and their formation

Sedimentary rock formation

Sedimentary Rocks The upper 16 km thick earth’s crust contains only 5% of the sedimentary rocks, while the percentage of the sedimentary rock in the exposed rocks is about 75%. These rocks are found chiefly as an extensive cover over the continental crust. In the subject of rock formation, sedimentary rocks and their formation is …

Weathering Process and Types of weathering.

The rocks break and undergo decay under the influence of atmospheric agencies like winds, sun, frost, water and organisms and produce soil. This phenomenon is called ”weathering”. Weathering and erosion together lowers the mountains and produce sediments. The weathering may be defined as the process which tends to break and decompose rocks in place. It …

Types and classification of Rocks

On theĀ  basis of their origin, characteristics, and information, the rocks are classified into following three types: Igneous Rocks Sedimentary (Aqeous) Rocks Metamorphic Rocks (A). IGNEOUS ROCKS: The term igneous is based on the Latin word ignis meaning fire. Thus it denotes those rocks which originated through fire. Technically speaking, these rocks were formed as …