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Amethyst Mineral, Properties and importance

Diagnosis of Amethyst,                 This post is incomplete, it will be composed soon Chemical composition and properties of Amethyst, Physical Properties of Amethyst, Structure of Amethyst, Colours and tone of Amethys, Occurrence of Amethyst, Historical Importance of Amethyst, Metaphysical Importance of Amethyst, Artificial Synthesis of Amethyst, Cultural Association of …

Quartz; The minerals of Silica Group

Quartz is the collective name used for the minerals of Silica group. The Chemical composition of all minerals of quartz is Silicon and Oxygen. The chemical formula of these minerals is SiO2. Quartz is commonly found in vugs or pockets in pegmatite dikes (coarse-grained igneous rocks). There are more than 30 types of quartz, among …