Sodalite Mineral


White, Green and grey colors of Sodlite mineral

Sodalite is the third major mineral of the Feldspathoid group. It is comparatively rare than Nepheline and Leucite. It is found in blue and blue-voilet colors. Its chemical composition is Na4Al3Si3O12Cl. It is included in semi-precious gemstones. Its blue color helps to diagnose it. Its physical properties are as under:

  1. Physical Properties: 
    • It is found in cubic crystal systems.
    • It has a poor cleavage and has an even fracture.
    • It has a massive habit.
    • It has a vitreous luster.
    • It is mostly found in blue color, but in rare cases it is also found in white, grey and green colors.
    • Its specific gravity ranges from 2.15 to 3.0.
  2. Uses of Sodalite:
    • A semiprecious gemstone often used to produce cabochons, beads, and tumbled stones. An ornamental stone often used to make small sculptures. “Sodalite granite” is a rare nepheline syenite with minor to abundant sodalite that is cut as a dimension stone for interior use. A less costly alternative to lapis lazuli.
  3. Occurrence: 
    • Sodalite is a general of the feldspathoid group, that is why it naturally occurs in igneous rock; ”sodalite granite” and along with ”Nepheline” in Nepheline syenite. Both are found in igneous rocks of recent lavas.

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