Requirement for commercial Fishing.

Commercial fishing is a very complex business which can flourish only if certain requirements are fulfilled in a proper manner. These requirements (factors) are detailed as under:

  1. Large and wide continental shelves act as ideal fishing grounds. For example, Grand Bank (NE UDA) and Doggar Bank (North Sea).
  2. Broken coasts provide calm waters which serve as excellent breeding places for fish.
  3. Abundant supply of plankton (small micro-organism) is required as food for the fish.
  4. Commercial fishing needs a large fishing boats industry to provide sufficient number of boats.
  5. Cold climate is best for fishing activities because it helps in preservation of fish.
  6. Large storage houses are needed for commercial fishing. These should have refrigeration facilities.
  7. The fishing industry should be well-organized and patronized by the public or private sector.

  8. A well-organized marketing network is needed for fish trading, imports or exports.

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