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Region of North America

North America is the third largest continent of the world with an area of 24.71 million which is 16.5 of the total area of the world. It is bounded by Arctic in the North, South America in the south, Pacific Ocean in the west and Atlantic Ocean in the east. Major portion of this continent is shared by Canada and USA. Major features of this continent include tht following:

Area 24474000 sq.m (16.5% of world area)
Population 579 million (2016)(8.5% of the word’s population)
Mountains The Appalachians, The Rocky Mountains.
Lakes Superior, Michigan, Great Bear, Winnipeg, Ontario, Nipigon, Great Slave.
Rivers Mississippi, Machenzie River, Missouri, Rio Grande
Largest Country Canada (3855081 sq.miles)
Highest GDP USA ($ 22.32 trillion)

Countries of North America and Caribbean:

Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, El-Salvador, Jamaica, Dominica, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Belize, Barbados, Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

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