Region of Australia and Oceania

Australia and Oceania include the mainland of Australia, New Zealand and the islands located in the South Pacific.

Countries of Australia and Oceania:

This region comprises of the following countries: Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Nauru, Marshal Islands, Kiribati, Fiji and Palau.

Country Area (Sq.Km) Population (2020) Capital
Australia 2967909 25,499,884 Canberra
New Zealand 103738 4,822,233 Wellington
Papua New Guinea 178704 8,947,024 Port Moresby
Kiribati 811 119,449 Trava
Nauru 20.98 km² 10,847 Yaren
Fiji 18,333  896,445 Suva
Tuvalo 25.9 km² 11,842 funafuti
Marshal Islands 181.3 km² 59,327 Majuro

Industries of Australia:

Major Industries of Australia and the countries of Oceania are mining, chemicals, Food, Wood, Tourism, Paper, Palm Oil, Plywood, Fishing, Handicrafts.

Religion of Australia:

Sixty-three percent of the population practice Christianity. Muslims are 1.7 percent. Hindus are 0.7%.

Religion of New Zealand:

Fifty-one percent of New Zealand population comprises of Christians. Hindus 1.5 and Muslims makes 1.3 % population.

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