Primitive Gathering and Hunting

Primitive Gathering:

Gathering is a primitive type of human activity in which one or more than one persons collect a variety of natural products. These products include fruits, nuts, berries, roots, fibres and leaves. The people involved in their activity earns their livelihood through these collected fruits or roots etc. According to a recent survey, presently only a few thousands of people are engaged in gathering. This profession exists in tribal societies in some poor countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. These include Chavante and Chamayura tribes in Western Brazil and primitive gatherers of Malaysia.

Primitive Hunting:

Since the era of cave-man, hunting has been a profession of the human beings. In ancient times, when the uncivilized man still lived in caves he hunted fish and wild animals for his food. However, with the passage of time, man learnt to live in villages and adopted farming to grow crops like wheat, maize and rice etc. Despite the opening of these, new channels for food hunting remained a great profession with a large number of people around the world. Even hunting exists as a large profession in the present modern world in the shape of fishing and animal hunting.

In developed societies, hunting is carried out with the help of modern weapons and techniques. The weapons include guns, spears, traps, spears, bows and arrows. Animal hunting is a great profession in some countries located in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australia. For example, the Indian of Canada hunt deer, Yokaghirs of Siberia hunt wild animals.

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