Major Fisheries and Types of Fish:

Major Fisheries of the world are located in the following six regions:

(1). The North-West Atlantic

(2). The North-West Pacific

(3). The Northern Coast of Indian Ocean

(4). The Western Coast of Latin America

(5). The North-East Atlantic

(7). The North-East Pacific

(1). The North-West Atlantic:

This region includes New Foundland and New England. it covers a length of 1,100 miles along the western coasts of Canada and USA with an area of about half a million square kilometers. This fishery has wide range of fish which includes herring, haddock, cod, flounder and macherel.

(2). The Northern Coast of Indian Ocean:

This region covers the coastal area bordering South Asia. In this area, India is the biggest fishing ranking third in the world fish production. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand also make good contributions.

(3). The North-West Pacific:

This fishery extends from Bearing Sea to East China Sea. it includes coasts of Russia, Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In this region, China is the largest fish catching nation accounting for 33% of the total catch. A large number of bays, inlets on the South-Eastern Chinese Coast are excellent breeding places for fish. The types of fish found in the North west Pacific Zone include Salmon, Sardine, Herring, Bonito, tuna and Macherel fish.

(4). The western Coast of Latin America:

The Western Coast of Latin America is the largest producer of fish in the Southern Hemisphere. This belt includes coasts of Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Out of these, Peru is the second largest fishery in the world. The main fish species include prompano, macherel and achovy.

(5). The North East Atlantic:

This region extends along the North East coast of Atlantic Ocean and covers about 3 lac square miles. it includes the coasts of Russia, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Spain etc. The species of fish found in this belt include mainly cod, macherel and herring.

(6). The North-East Pacific:

This belt extends from Alaska to California along the Eastern coast of North America. The main types of fish found in this region include salmon, pilchard and tuna. However, oysters, shrimps and crabs are also found in abundance. United States of America is among the top ten fish producing nations of the world.

Types of Fish:

Fish all over the world are mainly categorized in following four groups:

  1. Pelagic Fish
  2. Demersal Fish
  3. Anadromos Fish
  4. Fresh Water Fish

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