Major fish exporters and importers.

Fishing has become a large industry in the world. Hundred of nations are currently engaged in the fish trading either as exporters or importers. Fish offers many forms of dishes which are popular with both rich and poor around the world. This industry provides employment ot millions of people in almost all the continents.

Main exporters of Fish:

During 2004, the exports of fish and fish products amounted to $71 billion showing an increase to 51 percent against 1994. Main fish exporters include China, Thailand, EU, Japan and Chile. Out of these countries and groups, the share of EU has been around $25 billion. EU was the top exporter of fish and fishery product in 2019. The fish industry of EU earned foreign exchange of more than 56 billion US dollar. USA exported fish worth $ 22.4 billion in the year 2019.

Main importers of Fish and Fish Product:

In 2004, the fish imports stood at $75 billion. Thailand, China and Vietnam account for about 75% of fish consumed at the international level. Other major importers of fish include Japan, USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

According to a report issued in 2017, world’s major fish importing countries are as under:

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