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What is a magma

The molten rocks present in the interior of the earth’s mantle is known as magma. The interior temperature of the earth is very high, which melts the rocks present in the mantle. The molten rocks when extrude through the vent of the volcano are known as lava. In other words lava before ejection is known …

What is a vent of volcano

It is also known as a fissure vent, eruption vent, or simply volcanic vent. A vent is a vertical pipe-like hole through which the volcanic materials/ lava (magma, rocks, debris, volcanic ash, water, and other fluids, and minerals) are extruded.

What is Isostasy?

Isostasy: The term Isostasy is derived from the Greek works to Iso meaning the same and Stasy meaning to stand. Thus Isostasy means the condition of vertical equilibrium between the floating landmasses and the asthenosphere under them. This condition of sustained adjustment is maintained despite the forces that constantly operate to change the landmasses of …