Features of Migratory Primitive Agriculture.

Main features of the migratory primitive agriculture include the following:

  1. Human labor and hand implements are used only.
  2. Land is cleared with the help of fire.
  3. Draft animals are not used.
  4. Fertilizers are not used.
  5. Land belongs to community.
  6. Members of community can use as much land for cultivation as they like.
  7. The production is on the local level for used of the family only. Thus, there is no surplus production for trade or exchange.
  8. Most of the cleared land is used for the cultivation of maize, rice, millet, beans, bananas, cucumber, peas and peanuts etc. according to domestic requirement.
  9. The farmers adopt hunting or fishing in the period between harvests.
  10. Migratory primitive agriculture is still practiced by majority of farmers in tropical rain forest regions.

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