Criticism of Malthusian Theory of population

  1. The Malthusian theory is based on law of diminishing returns because he could not foresee the future. Presently the food supply is being increased by using advanced scientific methods.
  2. It is wrong to presume that the sexual urge in human beings remains unchanged. The fact is that the urge is reduced as a result of education, entertainment and rise in living standard.
  3. The Malthusian assumption that there is a direct relationship between sexual instinct and child bearing is wrong.
  4. Statistics regarding the growth of world population reject the Malthusian assumption that the world population doubles after every 25 years.
  5. The Malthusian notion that the population increases in geometrical progression every where is wrong because in several European countries the growth rate has become negative.
  6. The natural calamities do not occur only in countries with large population.
  7. The increase in population is not harmful if there is an increase in the resources of a country.
  8. Increase in population is the result of decline in death rate.
  9. China has proved that manpower can be a blessing for the country if deployed properly. According to Cannan, ” A baby comes to the world not only with a mouth and a stomach but also with a pair of hands.” Similarly, Seligman says that “the problem of population is not merely one of mere size but of efficient production and equitable distribution.”
  10. Karls Marx does not agree with Malthusian view that the poor people are themselves the cause of their poverty. According to Marx unequal distribution of wealth and exploitation of labour class by the rich are the cause of poverty.
  11. According to Henry Villar and W. Charchill a time would come when the increase in population of the world would be automatically checked.
  12. According to Marex, Thomas Robert Malthus had borrowed his nonsense thoughts from earlier writers such as Rev Townshed.
  13. Malthusian Theory was based on the wrong assumption that all the people were vegetarians but a large portion of population eats fish and meat.

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