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Continental division of World

On regional basis, the world is divided into seven continents viz. Asia,
Europe, North America, South America, Australia & Oceania and Antarctica.
These continents comprise of the following 195 counties as detailed against
their names:

  1. Continent of Asia                               = 46 countries
  2. Continent of Africa                            = 54 countries
  3. Continent of Europe                          = 46 countries
  4. Continent of N.America                    = 17 countries
  5. Continent of S.America                    =18 countries
  6. Continent of Australia & Oceania  =14 Countries
  7. Antarctica                                           =Nil

(1). Continent of Asia:

            Continent of Asia covers an area of 17,139,422 square miles (44,391,162 which is about 29.8 % of total area of the world. Geographically speaking, Asia extends from the Arctic in the North to the Indian Ocean in the South and from Pacific ocean in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. In respect of area, Russia is the largest nation followed by China, India and Kazakhstan.

(2). Continent of Africa:

            The continent of Africa is the second largest continent of the world with an area of 30 million, which is 20.2 % of the total land area. Africa is located to the South of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the West and by the Indian cOcean in the East.

(3). Continent of Europe:

            Continent of Europe lies to the North of the Mediterranean Sea and to the East of the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded by Arctic (N), Mediterranean Sea in the South, Russia and Black Sea in the East and Atlantic Ocean in the North.

(4). North America:

            North America is the 3rd largest continent of the world with an area of 24474 sq.m, which is 16.5 of the total are of world. It is bounded by Arctic Ocean in the North, South America in the South, Pacific Ocean in the West and Atlantic Ocean in the East.

(5). South America:

            Continent of Latin (South) America is the fourth largest landmass in the world. It covers an area of 17819000 and has a population of million 422.5 million.

(6). Continent of Australia & Oceania:

            Australia and Oceania includes the mainland of Australia, New Zealand and the islands of located in the South Pacific. The population of Australia and Oceania is 42.6 million.

(7). Antarctica:

            Antarctica is located around the South Pole. Its population is comprised of few scientists. Area of Antarctica is 14.2 million

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