Commercial Farming

Commercial farming is based on modern techniques and machinery. In this type of farming, selected commodities are produced in regions which have ideal environment for this purpose. It is also known as diversified farming because there is no single crop with special priority. This farming is of three categories viz. extensive, intensive or mixed. In extensive farming, maximum quantity of commodity is produced. In the intensive farming, emphasis is laid on the output per hectare basis. Similarly, in the mixed farming, all crops are grown according to the need of the day. These include crops menat for human consumption and for use as fodder for animals.

In commercial farming, agricultural machinery is used which include tractors, threshers, winnowers and harvesters. Moreover, trolleys are used for the transportation of commodities to the market and warehouses are used to preserve surplus commodities. Commercial farming is in practice in the following regions of the world:

  1. Russian Federation (Ukraine to Siberia).
  2. North America (Prairies of Southern Canada to the Dakotas, USA).
  3. Australia (Perth-free Mantle coast and Murray Darling Basin).
  4. Argentine (Coastal Pampas).
  5. USA (Pacific Coast, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois).

Features of Commercial Farming:

Main features of the commercial farming are as given below:

  1. Same land is used for cultivation round the year for single or more crops.
  2. Large size farms are used.
  3. Heavy agricultural machinery is used for sowing, harvesting, threshing and transportation of the commodities.
  4. Chemical fertilizers are used to reinforce the soil.
  5. Crops and animals are raised on commercial scale.

Subsistence Farming

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