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Origin of the Igneous Rocks

We can find the mineral composition of igneous rocks by means of studying the chemical composition of the magma from which the rock has been crystallized. Because there is a large variety of igneous rocks, thus it was originally thought an equally large variety of magma also existed. But the later research found out that there are only two types of magma existed and all types of igneous rocks were derived from them.

Differentiation of Magma while cooling and solidification

Magmatic Differentiation: Magmatic differentiation means the split of magma into various parts due to the presence of different types of chemicals in it. These parts of magma on cooling and solidification produce rocks of different types. As the chemical composition of magma differs in its different parts and layers, the newly born rocks also differ …

Formation of Igneous Rocks

The igneous rocks are formed from the cooling and solidification of the Magma/Lava. The minerals and the chemical makeup of igneous rocks are important in order to understand their formation. Experimental studies of the crystallization sequence of minerals from a melt have helped greatly in understanding the origin of igneous rocks. The temperature-composition diagrams involving …