Month: April 2021

Introduction to Mass movement and its types.

Mass movement is defined as the movement of Earth material by the force of gravity. In other words, it is the detachment of rock materials and their down-slope transportation. According to R.J Chorley: ”Mass movement is the detachment and downslope transport of soil and rock material under the influence of gravity. The sliding and flowing

Fluvial cycle of erosion

The word fluvial means running water and has been derived from the Latin word ”Fluvus” meaning river. Thus the fluvial cycle of erosion involves the degradation caused by running water in the shape of rivers, streams, and springs. Rivers are responsible for erosion and transportation simultaneously. They act through mechanical corrosion (Mechanical grinding of the

Difference between weathering and erosion

(1). Weathering: Weathering is the chemical alteration and physical disintegration of Earth materials by the action of air, water and organisms. In other words, it is the breakdown of the rocks and their disintegration and decomposition without their movement from their original position to another area. Weathering is only the disintegration of the rocks particles