Month: March 2021

Agents of Erosion

Erosion takes place usually through the following agents: Running Water Glaciers Wind Coastal Waves Chemical Solution (1). Running Water: Running water in the form of rivers and streams is a major source of erosion. Rivers and the streams act as sculptors, carvers, and cutters of the mountains, valleys, and plains through which they pass. The

Penck’s Cycle of Erosion

Walther Penck was a German geo-scientist born in 1888 and died in 1923. He worked on geomorphology and landscape very deeply in the German language. His sudden death left his work uncompleted. He pointed out flaws in the Davis Theory of Erosion. According to Penck, the processes of upheaval and erosion go side by side.

Davis Cycle of Erosion

William Moris Davis (1850-1934) was a prominent American geographer who founded the Association of American Geographers in 1904. He also put forward a theory of the cycle of erosion. The main points of his theory are as under: A cycle of erosion would affect all landscapes. The cycle consists of three stages. Youth Stage, Mature